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v w x y z


a* a11y abend absolute path abstract class abstract data type abstraction acceptance testing accessibility acme actionscript address resolution protocol (arp) address space layout randomization adger afaict agile ahk ajax algebraic data type algorithm allocation alpha amd64 analog android angularjs anonymous function ansible anti-pattern apache lucene apache pig apache solr api (application programming interface) appcache appkit ar (augmented reality) architecture arguments aria arity array array index array list arrow functions asic assembler assembly language assignment statement assistive technology associative array (php) ast (abstract syntax tree) asynchronous atom atomic operation authentication authorization auto id awk aws axios azure


ba (business analyst) babel back-end backlog backronym backup bag of words bang bar bar code barb bash basic batch baz bc (backwards compatibility) bc (business continuity) best practice beta bi (business intelligence) big bang big data big o big-endian bikeshedding binary binary operator binary search tree binary tree bit bit bang bit rot bitbucket bitcoin bitmask bitwise operators black hat hacker blender blob (binary large object) blockchain bodge bogon bogosort boilerplate code boolean bootstrap borked bot botnet bounce bower box boxen boyscouting brackets (text editor) brainfuck branch and bound brogrammer browser brute force bsod buffer bug build build or buy build out build up builder bundler byte bytecode


c (language) c# c++ cache call stack callback callback hell calling a function camel case canvas (html) captcha cargo culting carthage cassandra cast category category theory cdn (content delivery network) celery change control management changelog checkout chrome chronicle queue ci circleci cisc clang class cli client client-server model clobber clojure clone and go closed source closed-form expression closure cloud cmd cms (content management system) cnd (content delivery network) cobol cochcarna cocoa code code bloat code debt code monkey code review code rot code smell codeigniter coding coffee coffeescript cohesion cold site colorzilla command command pattern commit (git) comparison operators compiled language compiler component composer (php) compression computer appliance computer language concurrency conditional execution conditionals confluence connascence console constant constant time constructor continuous delivery continuous deployment continuous integration contravariance contravariant functor convention over configuration conway's law cookie coq core data core memory coroutine coupling covariance cpq cqrs cqs create-react-app cron cron job cross-platform crud (create, read, update, delete) cruft crystal css css framework ctf currying cursor cve cyclomatic complexity c艹


daemon dag dance of death dart data class data dictionary data race data science data store data structure data transfer object database database index ddd ddos deadlock debugger debugging decimal declaration declarative programming decompilation decomposition decoupling defense in depth deferred delegate delegation delphi delta denormalize dependency dependency hell dependency injection dependency management deploy deprecated dereference dereference a null pointer design for maintainability design pattern development hell devops diamond of death diaper dictionary digital dijkstra's algorithm directed acyclic graph directed graph directive distributed data protocol (ddp) div soup divide and conquer django dnf dns (domain name system) docker docusaurus domain-specific language dongle dos downcasting dp (data processing) dp9ik dr (disaster recovery) drink your own champagne dry code dry principle (don't repeat yourself) dsl (domain specific language) duck punching duck typing duff's device dummy dynamic programming dynamic typing dynamicate


eafp eager loading eating your own dog food (dogfooding) ec2 ecc eclipse ecm ecmascript ecs ed (text editor) edge edge case edi edison reset ejs (embedded javascript) electron eli5 elixir elk elm else elvis operator emacs emmet encapsulation encryption end user end-of-life enum environment ephemeral error es6 esb esoteric language etl (extract transform load) everything is a file exception express.js


f# faas facade factoring factory fairlop fake false faq (frequently asked questions) feature fedora fiddler fifo filan fildil finite state machine firefox first-class object fkp flask flatten (array) flexbox float (floating point) flow flutter flux font foo foobar foreign key fork fork bomb form forth fortran foss fpga framer.js framework free software freemarker front-end fsck fsck up fsm fte fubar full stack developer function functional programming functional test functor future fuzz testing fuzzing fuzzy search


g11n garbage collection gc gdpr gem (ruby) generational garbage collection generic programming genetic algorithm gis git git blame github gitversion glitch glob globalization globbing gnu gnu/linux go god class godot golang golden hammer google analytics google apps script gopher goroutine gradient descent gradle graph graph theory greenfield grep grok groovy grunt gts guard clause guava gulp


hack hacking hackintosh hadoop handle handlebars.js happy path scenario haptics hash hash map haskell hateoas haxe heap heisenbug hell hello world heroku hex hexadecimal hft high-level highlander hkt hoc (higher order component) hofstadter's law hollerith code hooking horizontal scaling hosting hot code hot site hsm html http http status code http/2 https hungarian notation hyper


i/o i18n id10t ide (integrated development environment) idempotent idris ieee 754 ietf if if else if it ain't broke don't fix it iframe iife imap immutable object imperative programming impersonation implementation implementation detail impure function include guard indentation induction inferno-os infinite loop inheritance inheritance chain inpc input instance instantiate instruction set architecture integer integration test interface internationalization internet interpreter interrupt invariance invariant inversion of control iot ip (intellectual property) ip (internet protocol) ipc it (information technology) iterable iterate


jargon file java javafx javascript jaws jekyll jenkins jhipster jira jit jquery json (javascript object notation) jsx just works jvm jwt (json web token)


k8s kanban kata kebab case kernel key value pair kill -9 kiss kludge kotlin kubernetes


l10n lambda function laragon laravel latency lazy evaluation lazy loading leaf node lean software development least significant bit legacy code less let statement lexeme lexer lexing lgtm library lifecycle (rendering) linked list linker linter linux lisp list (python) list comprehension little-endian llvm load balancing local maxima local minima localization log shipping lolcode long-term support loop loose coupling low-level lru cache lts lua lzw


machine code machine learning machine word macos magic magic number magic rebuild fairy magic smoke mainframe malbolge malloc malware man month man-in-the-middle attack map reduce markdown markup language master materialize matlab matrix maven maybe memoization memory memory leak metadata metaprogramming metasploit meteor method microservices middleware minify mob programming mocha mock modal monad mongodb mongoose monkey patch mono monoid monospace most significant bit multidimensional array multiple inheritance mutability mvc (massive view controller) mvc (model, view, controller) mvn mvp (minimum viable product) mvp (model, view, presenter) mvvm (model-view-viewmodel) mysql mythical man month


namespace namespace collision nas natural language processing (nlp) ncat negative test netbeans netcat network new testament next.js nfc nibble nil nim nmap noc node node.js nodejs normalization nosql notepad++ npe npm nuget nuke null null pointer null pointer exception nvda


oauth obfuscation object object initializer object-oriented programming (oop) object-relational mapping (orm) objective-c ocaml ocr offshore oltp omgifu call omgwdid call one way hash open source opencv opengl openssl operating system opinionated ops optimization orm orthogonal os osi model output overhead overkill overload override


p5.js package manager package.json packing padding paging pair programming paradigm parameter object parameters parser partial application pass by reference pass by value password pathfinding pawn pci standards pebcak pebkac penetration testing pep performance test perl pfm php phreaking pi picnic pig latin pii pip pit of success pki plan 9 pmbok pmo pmp (project management professional) po poco pointer pojo pokemon exception handling polling polyfill polymorphism pop3 port postgresql postman pots (plain old telephone service) pr pre-alpha predicate prelude preprocessor primary key printf debugging procan procedural programming processing prod product manager (pm) production environment programmer programming language project management project manager promise prop drilling props (react) protobuf prototype prototypical inheritance pseudocode ptal public public-key encryption pure function push push (git) python


q# qa ql qos (quality of service) qr code qt query queue


r (language) rabbitmq race condition raid raii rails (ruby on rails) rainbow table ram ransomware raster graphics rc react.js reactify readme recovery recursion recursive acronym redis reducer (redux) redux refactoring reference counting referential transparency regex regression testing relational database release candidate render repl repo (git repository) reproduce request-response requirements creep rest rest api retrovision return return-oriented programming reverse engineering reverse shell rfc rfid rfp (request for proposal) ricef risc root node round robin router rpc rpg (report program generator) rpn (reverse polish notation) rss rtfm rubber duck rubber duck debugging ruby rubygems rust rvo


s3 saas sakura salt salting sam san sap sass sbo scalability scale out scale up scheduling schema scm scope scotty scratch screen reader screen scraping script kiddie scrum scss sdlc (software development life cycle) sed segfault (segmentation fault) self-documenting code semantic html semantic version semaphore semigroup sendy seo serialization servant server server-side rendering (ssr) serverless service level agreement (sla) service level objective (slo) session shadowing sharding shared library shell shift shitcode signed integer simd sinatra single page application (spa) single pane of glass single-responsibility principle singleton pattern site reliability engineering (sre) slack slit sloc smoke test smoke testing snake case snmp soa soap socat solid soundex source maps sow (statement of work) spaghetti code spark sparse matrix special form spoofing spool spring boot sprint spy sql sql injection ssas ssd ssh ssis ssl sso ssrs stack stack overflow stage staging environment stakeholder standard library star schema state static (java keyword) static analysis static library static typing stop word stored procedure storm strategy pattern string strong typing stub subarray sublime text substring sudo sut (system under test) svelte swe swift swift playgrounds swizzle symfony symmetrical-key algorithm syntactic sugar syntax syscall system32


table table stakes tail call optimization tarball task runner tco (total cost of ownership) tcp/ip tech debt technical debt terminal ternary operator test test double test driven development (tdd) tester testing testing word text editor third normal form thrash threading throw catch thunk tight coupling time complexity time-sharing tla tle tls tmux toil toolchain tostring tracing garbage collection trainwreck transpile transpiler traveling salesman problem tree trigger trojan power source true ttl (time to live) tuple tuple (python) turing machine turing test turing-complete two factor authentication type erasure type safety type system typeless typescript


ub (undefined behavior) ui (user interface) ui ux uikit uml unary operator undirected graph unicode unit record equipment unit test unit type unity unix unsigned integer upcasting upsert upstream uri (uniform resource identifier) url (uniform resource locator) use after free use strict user userland ux (user experience)


v8 vanilla javascript vector graphics vectorization vertical scaling vi view vim viper virtual machine visual basic visual studio visual studio code voiceover void voip (voice over ip) volumetrics vr (virtual reality) vs code vue.js vulkan


warm site waterfall waving a dead chicken wbs weak reference weak typing web development webhook webpack webpacker webscale websocket webvr webxr welf wet wget magic while loop white hat hacker white paper whitespace windows wip wireframe wordpress work products workflow wpf wrapper wrapper class wygiwyg wysiwyg


x86 xcode xml xtla


yagni yak shaving yesod yum


zero-indexed zsh


.net .net core .net framework .net standard /dev/null 10x 1337 2d array 3nf 400 418 500 internal server error 9front 9p လဒူ