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Da Rules
These are guidelines to help contributors create helpful, high-quality content. If your definition breaks these rules, it may be removed from the site. Use your common sense, and if anything here doesn't look right, please reach out and let us know!
Terms must be related to code and topically accurate
Please only define programming-related terms. Terms only tangentially related ("Ramen: the lifeblood of the junior dev") will be removed. It's okay to be technically wrong, you gotta give it a fair try. We do not review submission for technical accuracy, but do review them for topical accuracy. For example, it's fine to say React.js is a language (though this is technically incorrect), but not that it's a type of hamburger.
Define, then share your opinion
A definition should first explain what something is. You can then offer alternatives or pros/cons on the topic. Your definition should not be purely subjective (Ex: "PHP: the worst language you can use").
Avoid inside jokes (regular jokes are good!)
Use your voice and be humorous if you want - but try to write definitions that are helpful to a wide audience.
Don't copy other resources
Please make an effort to write your own definition. it's fine to paraphrase or quote from other sources, but don't directly copy definitions from Wikipedia, StackOverflow, MDN, or other sources.
Don't discriminate or spam
Try to be a supportive and respectful fellow programmer. If your definition attacks someone or is offensive, abusive, or disrespectful to other users on the basis of race, gender, political or religious beliefs, or sexual orientation, it will be removed.